The Advantage of Using Re...

The Advantage of Using React

React is a simple, yet powerful, UI library. When it was released in 2013, it offered an alternative to the existing popular monolithic JavaScript frameworks of the time. React’s most important advances are the emphasis"

How To Create Your Own RSS Feed

Introduction: Mobile devices have changed the way we interact with online content, and they have vastly accelerated how fast we are able to access information while on the go, and the ways in which we"

Top 5 Plugins To Ensure WordPress Security

Nothing is more painful than losing all your hard work, money, and even your reputation to online cyber criminals or even a virus. As WordPress continue to dominate the internet in terms of platforms that"

How WordPress can help small business to grow online

How WordPress can help small business to grow online Content Management System (CMS) or Web Content Management System (WCMS), has become indispensable in an increasingly connected world. It gives the ability to store all types"