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Cross mobile development stands for mobile applications that could run on different mobile platforms smoothly. Mobile app developers often face problem with device fragmentation, which makes it difficult for them to create an app that is compatible to all kinds of mobile devices. Fortunately, we have some really good cross mobile development tools to help you overcome such issue and make a cross mobile compatible application:

#PhoneGap/ Apache Cordova

Phone Gap is an open source framework that allows developers to build applications using standard web interface for the mobile platforms you want to serve.


You do not have to know intense programming languages, but basic one such as JavaScript, HTML and CSS. It makes app development quite cost-effective. Its installation is identical to the installation of a native app.


You sometimes have to write the plugin if it’s not available, and you must not use many graphics as it can affect the performance of app.

#Appcelerator Titanium

Appcelerator is an open development platform, which is used to create innovative native apps for different mobile devices.


It allows developer to create application in a flexible way using rapid prototyping. You simply have knowledge of JavaScript, HTML and CSS to create the app. It uses standard user-interface such as tables, buttons, and you can store your data locally. Appcelerator supports asynchronous module definition and common JS.


It offers restricted access to some components to operating system of the mobile. Plus, access to device resource such as camera is also restricted.

#Adobe Air

Adobe Air is latest technology that allows developers to build mobile applications using HTML, JavaScript, Ajax, Adobe Flash and Adobe Flex.


Rich user experience is guaranteed. You can create rich media content that need flash. Installation is very simple, and support HD videos with industry-standard codes.


Database access is limited to SQLite , and you must have knowledge of complex programming languages to use Adobe Air.

#Sencha Touch

Sencha allows developers to build powerful mobile application that run smoothly on all mobile platforms.


It delivers remarkable user experience. It offers rich set of documentation and screenshots to enhance your productivity. With Sencha, you will get pixel perfect apps with advanced layout.


Vendor may be locked as it is not an open source. It requires JavaScript knowledge as it works only on java Script.
No matter which technology you prefer for your next cross mobile development project, Sharabh Technologies can cater to your all need with perfection. Feel free to call us or mail us your requirement and schedule an appointment.


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